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Renton Park PTA (Parent Teacher Association) came about in 1984 to support our students, teachers, families and community.  We are a proud member of the Washington State PTA as well as the National PTA. Every year we dedicate our time to advocate for all students, create life memories, supplement learning and create a Renton Park family.

Our Vision: Every child’s potential becomes a reality.

Our Mission: to be

  • A powerful voice for children

  • A relevant resource for families, schools and communities

  • An advocate for the well-being and education of all children

PTA Board 2021-2022


Giovianna Zamora


Heather Yore


Kristen Johnson


Le-Vy Craig & Brianne Talmadge

​Our Association

Renton Park PTA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All funds are used for programs that directly support students, staff, our school, families and our community.  Becasue of this, ALL donations (money or items) as well as the annual membership fee are tax deductible for individuals and businesses. Many companies will match donations that are made to nonprofit charitable organizations such as Renton Park PTA. Sometimes companies will have volunteer pay - you can take time to volunteer for the PTA and still receive your pay from your job.  Ask at work what their policies are- many businesses are happy to support our cause (with the added perk of being a tax write off!).

​PTA Membership

Your Renton Park PTA membership includes membership with the Washington State PTA and the National PTA.  Membership is annual so you need to join each year.  The membership fee is tax deductible!

​PTA Discounts

There are many great benefits to joing the PTA.  School-wide, local and national perks mean savings for you!  Additionally you know your money is going to support our school children at Renton Park and throughout our whole county!

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